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Solutions for sustainability

We develop solutions to deliver higher standards of living with a decreasing environmental footprint. The objective analyses and innovative technology we deliver today are designed to provide new sustainable pathways to opportunity. We partner with organisations that understand the benefit of research, science, and innovation to deliver business and industry sector growth in a manner that enables social and environmental benefits for all. Our partners include entities in the private sector, state-owned enterprises, universities, iwi as well as local and central government.

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What we do

Our expertise and capabilities apply widely to any industry where environmental quality matters, and we have particular experience in resource development and efficiency for the minerals and energy sectors.

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Who we are

We are integrated specialists, bringing together well-equipped laboratory and design facilities with the skills of world leading engineers, chemists, geologists, environmental scientists and technicians to provide a wide range of services through our consulting, monitoring, analysis, and research and development capabilities. We use applied science to meet requirements for good corporate citizenship, appropriate regulation and kaitiaki responsibilities.

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Featured project

New Zealand Mine Environment Life-cycle Research Programme

Scientists from Verum Group led and delivered the New Zealand Mine Environment Life-cycle Guide (MELG) research program between 2014 and 2018. This project included developing guidelines for decision making related to environmental practice at mines in New Zealand.

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