Research & Development

At Verum Group, we understand business and we understand research. We believe in the power of new ideas to transform New Zealand into a nation with a prosperous economy, a clean environment, and a high standard of living. New Zealand business is central to delivering this. We understand business because we are a business. We have great connections with businesses we currently partner with and are always seeking new partnerships to benefit New Zealand businesses through research and development. We conduct research for the public good through Government contracts and provide individualised commercial research and development services to clients.

We also run internal research and development on projects on our passions such as Kiwi conservation and environmental monitoring. Through our research portfolio, we are connected to Universities and Research Institutes in New Zealand and globally and we're always keen to include industry partners in public good research projects. We like to see benefits from research through the development of new businesses, or improvements in environmental and social wellbeing.

So, we take a full lifecycle view of research pipeline from idea through to impact and our research team has a track record of completion. We also offer this experience to industry and research partners to develop organisation specific research and commercialisation strategies.