Verum Group completes state of the art real time monitoring of ambient conditions in many different settings and for diverse purposes. We monitor baseline environmental parameters in remote pristine environments or disturbance levels of health, safety and environmental parameters in industrial sites, mines, factories and quarries. Our skill sets is to identify the most appropriate equipment, set up appropriate power sources and communication and deploy equipment in position to get the best possible measurements.

With our background in accredited laboratories we recognise that calibration and maintenance of the real time continuous monitoring equipment is critical to delivering good data. And our monitoring services also include conventional periodic monitoring and sampling supported by appropriate laboratory analysis.

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Air Quality Management

Talk to us about stack and source emission testing, indoor and workplace air quality, greenhouse gas management, and performance and efficiency of testing. Our branches nationwide test emissions from industrial processes for a wide variety of pollutants.

Workplace Exposure Monitoring

We can help you identify, measure and assess, and make recommendations for suitable control measures for a range of potentially harmful workplace hazards, including dust and fumes, chemical vapors, toxic gases, noise, asbestos and methamphetamine. Testing can be completed at fixed locations or personal sampling devices can be attached to employees during their shift.

Water quality, ambient air quality environmental baseline monitoring

We deploy, maintain, calibrate, analyse and interpret data from continuous monitoring of water chemistry, air quality, stream flow, weather conditions, noise or bird-song. Data from these systems could be used to measure baseline conditions in pristine environments or measure change in disturbed environments.