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New Zealand Mine Environment Life-cycle Research Programme

Scientists from Verum Group led and delivered the New Zealand Mine Environment Life-cycle Guide (MELG) research programme between 2014 and 2018. This project included collaboration with scientists from Landcare Research, O’Kane Consulting, Universities of Canterbury, Otago, and Auckland along with stakeholders from Regional Councils, iwi, Department of Conservation (DOC), and mining companies.

This project developed guidelines for decision making related to environmental practice at mines in New Zealand. The MELG recognises that environmental practice at mine sites evolves rapidly as data sets improve between resource development and early operations and that the conditions imposed during resource consent processing must be outcome-focused rather than operationally focused. Uptake and feedback on the MELG from stakeholders including mining companies, DOC and regional councils has been positive to date and this document sets a benchmark in minerals sector environmental practice.

The Mine Environment Life-cycle Guide can be found at along with many peer-reviewed publications that provide the science underpinning the life cycle documents.

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