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Standardised Reference Materials for Acid Base Accounting

Verum Group Scientists Hana Christenson and James Pope have developed some of the only standardised reference materials for acid-base accounting that are commercially available in the world.

Acid-Base Accounting tests are a critical suite of tests that allow mining operations to classify waste, development management methods, predict mine drainage chemistry, schedule materials for optimal rehabilitation outcomes and have confidence in their environmental management plans. These tests rely on relatively simple analytical procedures and so typically laboratories rely on internal calibrations as a measure of quality control. However, there are many pitfalls, subtleties and opportunities for operator bias in acid-base accounting that can result in spurious results. Our standard reference materials provide the next level of quality control in acid-base accounting analysis and should be routinely used by all companies that seek certainty in their analytical results.

Verum Group will engage with Mine Waste Management for distribution of these products in Australia and is currently exploring other distribution arrangements. Contact Dr Hana Christenson for more information.

Verum scientist holding beaker