Selected Case Studies

Verum Group has a diverse set of science and engineering skills that enable us to complete projects in many fields or disciplines. From niche one-on-one consultancies or analytical services to collaborative multi-disciplinary and multi-stakeholder research programmes. See below for some examples.

Humates Story pic

Humates Testing

At Verum Group's qualified staff can complete the determination of humates from organic-rich materials such as brown coal, biomass, peat, or lignite.

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Spontaneous combustion testing

Testing Spontaneous Combustion

Verum Group, in partnership with CB3 Mining Services, offers a range of analysis techniques to assess spontaneous combustion potential.

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Mineral sand pilot plant

Mineral sand pilot plant

Verum Group has a pilot-scale processing plant capable of processing large-scale mineral sand samples.

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Verum is using the latest technology of Portable XRF

Verum Group is now using the latest technology available for onsite XRF analysis with the Olympus Vanta M Series.

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Mineral Prospecting & Exploration Work for Gold in Otago

Verum Group’s Project Geologist Cameron McCabe in Otago looking for gold using onsite real-time XRF analysis.

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Mine Environment Life cycle Guide

Mine Environment Life-cycle Guide

Between 2014 and 2018 Verum Group led a research program to develop the New Zealand Mine Environment Life-cycle Guide (MELG), a comprehensive best practice guideline document for environmental management of mining.

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