Fuel Analysis

Verum Group are fully equipped to provide a comprehensive analysis of solid fuels (coal and a wide range of biofuels) as well as having some facility to analyse liquid fuels. Testing is done to International Standards – ISO, ASTM, BS, or NZ/AS.


Our testing range includes energy content, moisture and ash content, ash behaviour, ultimate analysis, and a range of other tests.

Are you looking at using renewable fuels? We can run tests on a wide range of biofuels. Testing is conducted using either New Zealand or international standard methods, in-house methods, or by creating new methods as required. We have a wide range of equipment and experience to draw on, allowing us to test routine and diagnostic samples. We also have a transitional facility, so international biomass can typically be sent directly to the lab without treatment.

We are members of the Bioenergy Association (BANZ) and can analyse and classify fuels to the BANZ guidelines.

Liquid Fuels
We are equipped to test waste oils looking at sulphur content, flashpoint, and energy content.

Is your boiler running on coal? We can test your samples and offer you expert advice.

Humic Acid testing
We can also determine humic acids ( total humic acids and free humic acid) in brown coals and lignites.

More information

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