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Research & Development

At Verum Group we understand business and we understand research. We believe in the power of new ideas to transform New Zealand into a nation with a prosperous economy, a clean environment, and a high standard of living. New Zealand business is central to delivering this.

We conduct commercial R&D for business, partner with other research organisations and lead government-funded research. Our team of expert researchers also run in-house research projects on issues we care about.

Verum Group is connected to Universities and Research Institutes in New Zealand and globally. Our goal is to see benefits from research through the development of new businesses, or improvements in environmental and social wellbeing.

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Commercial R & D

Existing R&D project or starting from scratch? Verum Group can help.

We work with businesses on research projects ranging from a quick answer to a question through to long-term development of transformational technology. We usually start small to build a trusted relationship and get to know our client’s business and research needs. If you already have a clear research pathway in mind, then we can develop a programme and budget around this. If you are starting from scratch, then we can assist in developing ideas for research projects.

Verum Group assists you in mobilizing Government funding.

We have a track record of executing commercial R&D programmes for industry partners and can also provide expert assistance in leveraging Government funding to reduce the cost of research and development. We also connect businesses to our large network of research partners.

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Research Partnership

At Verum Group, we support our research partners on preparing research proposals and executing the research when successfully funded. Our researchers have their specialist areas of expertise that they can contribute and experience in developing research proposals. For almost three years, we have been partnering with Massey University to develop new fertiliser formulations and analysis tools on the Precision Fertiliser Smart Idea. Besides, we have recently begun a new research partnership with Victoria University on their Zero Carbon Metals programme.

As an example, we have collaborated with IRL (now Callaghan Innovation) on hydrogen economy research, NIWA on energy modelling and GNS on carbon capture and storage. We also worked with Scion on bioenergy systems modelling, the University of Canterbury on gasification technologies and Opus (now WSP) on pyrolysis systems.

The strength of our research partnership offer hinges on our commercial laboratory and consultancy services to the industry and the connection this creates between our people and the ultimate end-users of the research.

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Research Leadership

Internationally Recognised Research Expertise

Verum Group has proven leadership in New Zealand research with global impact. Between 2003 and 2018, Verum Group led a team of researchers that transformed the approach to life cycle environmental management in the New Zealand minerals sector. This work provided tools to a proactive sector that has been elevated to worlds best practice. More information can be found on the CMER website. New Zealand organisations (Verum Group, Mine Waste Management) involved in the research are now internationally recognised net exporters of mineral sector environmental science (expertise). We have demonstrated a high publication output and productivity at an international level.

Innovative & Collaborative Research

Building on this track record, Verum Group is executing new long-term strategic research for the pounamu industry and kiwi conservation. Looking ahead, we are developing a new research programme to tackle a major environmental issue at the intersection of climate change and the circular economy.

Collaboration, with industry and the research community, is at the centre of all research programmes Verum Group leads.

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Research Skills & Expertise

Our researchers are immersed in many and varied research projects with industry, other research organisations and in their own time. Through this, they have developed the core research skills to tackle research projects in a broad range of fields.

Research also builds specialised expertise. Our researchers are experts in the fields of:

In-House R & D

In addition to leading research work for other organisations and businesses, Verum Group is also running in-house research projects. Committed to doing our bit to protect the environment, we tackle the water quality issue. Our project involves running a trial on a new treatment technology to remove nitrates from agricultural drain water. This research aims to provide a solution for the agricultural sector to ensure our waterways remain clean. Besides, we have recently extended our expertise to conservation research work through the individual recognition and monitoring of Great Spotted Kiwi.

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